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             "people doing strange things with electricity" since 2001
When:  19:30-22:30, Thu Jul 4 2019
Where: The Boxing Club, Limehouse Town Hall, 646 Commercial Road, E14 7HA
       (directions below)


Free entry, no registration required, bring your own refreshments. Talks start
7.30pm, doors from 6.45pm.

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With short talks and demos from...

==== Dr Scary Boots ====

"How and Why I Built A Machine That 3D Prints Shape-changing Jelly"

Our bodies, and much of the natural world around them, are soft, flexible, and
change in response to needs. Our human engineering is not like that. Naturally,
I responded to this by spending 3 years building an open-source UV-curing
extrusion based 3D printer, to make jelly forms that change shape as the
temperature around them changes. Since it was funded by the taxpayer though the
Engineering & Physics Sciences Research Council, I figure it's my duty to
tell you all what I did with your money.

Scary likes making things, drawing things and knowing things. During a career
in science communications they got to visit CERN and make a cake in the shape
of the internet for Cerf and Khan. However, due to an allergy to insufficient
technical detail they pivoted to do a PhD at the Bristol Centre for Functional
Nanomaterials. In their spare time they do comedy about science and art about

scarysciencecomedy.wordpress.com / @schrodingerskit

==== Shardcore ====

"Fake it ’til you make it - creating digital lies"

#deepfakes and #fakenews are going to destroy us all. Or are they? There’s only
one way to find out!  Artist Eric Drass aka shardcore demonstrates some of his
attempts to use neural networks to hasten the inevitable collapse of

shardcore.org / @erocdrahs

==== L H Trevail ====

"A Campfire in the Uncanny Valley"

Horror and hope in tech, and how artists are making ghosts of ourselves by

lhtrevail.co.uk / @lhtrevail

==== Sebastian Löbbers ====

"Embodied Interactive Music – work in progress"

The availability of affordable motion capture systems like the Microsoft Kinect
has sparked a multitude of creative projects. Such MoCap systems are commonly
employed by artists and designers working with interactive dance where sound,
rather than informing a dancer’s movement, is generated by it. This project
highlights the challenges of creating these systems and explores the use of
organically-inspired digital interfaces. It ultimately questions how
interactivity might add something to an already-established practise or
performance, beyond being a mere technical gimmick. The project has been
realised at Queen Mary University in collaboration with the Music AI company

Sebastian is an artist and researcher working in digital media, sound and
interactive design. His works have been staged and exhibited internationally in
galleries, performance halls and music venues, often in collaboration with
choreographers, writers and theorists. He is currently persuing a PhD in
Media&Arts Technology at Queen Mary Universities where he researches embodied
music creation through motion capture with a focus on digital interfaces.


==== Open dorks/demos: ====

You! Get in touch and let us know if you'd like to give a short five minute
talk on something.

==== How to get to Limehouse Town Hall: ====

NB: Unfortunately Limehouse Town Hall is not wheelchair accessible as
    there are steps from the street and up to the main hall.

== By Tube: ==
Limehouse DLR from Bank or Tower Gateway

== By Bus: ==
15 from Trafalgar Sq / 115 from Aldgate /
D6 from Hackney / D3 from Bethnal Green

Beware! Google's location for E14 7HA is a bit off, it's actually
opposite where Salmon Lane joins Commercial Road, or in other words...
Get onto Commercial Road and travel East from Aldgate or Whitechapel.
Stay on Commercial Road, passing Limehouse DLR on your right (and going
under a railway bridge) and you'll see a modern red brick church also
on the right, then a boarded up library. Just over the canal you'll see
the Town Hall, with the Limehouse Hawksmoor church behind it, on the
opposite side of the road from the big metal anchor. At this point you
should get off the bus/bicycle and come ring on the "Boxing Club" bell
(The top of the 4 main buttons).

Limehouse Town Hall

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