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             "people doing strange things with electricity" since 2001
When:  19:00-23:59, Fri Dec 11 2015
Where: The Boxing Club, Limehouse Town Hall, 646 Commercial Road, E14 7HA
       (directions below)

Free entry, no registration required - we have a license for this one so we'll
be running a bar. If you want to volunteer to help bar tend please email us - we
need you! dorkbotlondon@gmail.com

(NB the bar won't be selling much by way of food so please bring snacks/cake to

Don't forget you can "follow" @DorkbotLondon on Twitter, and/or see who's coming 
via the Facebook event, if that's your thing

With speakers including - but not restricted to...

==== Rain Ashford (@rainycat) ====

"Designing, coding and building sensor-driven emotive wearables
to amplify physiological data in social situations"
From her AnemoneStarHeart EEG / ECG visualising device to the ThinkerBelle EEG
Amplifying Dress, Rain's doctoral research investigates how wearable technology
could broadcast physiological data from the body to create new forms of
non-verbal communication, and questions the personal, societal and cultural

==== Bob Sturm (@boblsturm) ====

“Eight short outputs …”
Bob will play a compositional suite generated using a long short-term memory
network with three fully connected hidden layers of 512 units each, trained on
over 23,000 ABC transcriptions of session music (Irish, English, etc.), and
arranged by his own “personal” neural network trained on who knows what for who
knows how long (he can’t remember any of the settings) (2015). And he’ll attempt
to explain a little about them too.

==== Julie Freeman (@joz_freeman) ====

"Do Naked Mole Rats have data privacy rights?"
(NB no burrowing eusocial mammals were harmed during the course of this

==== Mike Harrison (@mikeelectricstuf) ====

"Christmas snow in Hong Kong"
Dorkbot regular Mike is a Freelance Electronics Engineer (and Youtuber),
recently returned from installing a large-scale LED display in Hong Kong.

==== Open dorks/demos: ====

Sophie Skach (@SophieSkach)
"12^4 boys": drawing + combining portraits by touching a doll's head

Daniel Stoller
Snowfall: A skiing game controlled with your feet

Victor Loux (@lgorithm)
Kids Photo Booth: photo booth effects controlled with a learning table

Betül Aksu (@betulaksu)
Hand Me Down: an interactive way of second-hand storytelling

(...& perhaps you?)

==== Plus Special Guest... Di Mainstone! (@dimainstone) ====

After speaking at our last event, Di discusses new plans for creating sound and
music from any suitably resonant metal structures...

==== Sputnik Bauble Workshop and "Competition" ====
Hosted by @jonty & @prehensile, this essentially involves sticking four bits
of wire to a shiny silver bauble in order to make a 1/10th scale Sputnik-themed
decoration for your festive celebrations. We will be providing baubles, wire
and glue.

Prizes may well be awarded* for the most overengineered bauble. If you feel
inspired to go beyond the baseline Sputnik bauble, you've got a 55mm-diameter
spherical volume to fill with whatever you see fit.

* Prizes may well be more baubles. We've got a lot of baubles.

==== Youtube-powered DORK KARAOKE with @fakedavegreen ====
The evening concludes with (non-compulsory) "Dork Karaoke" of songs we can find
(or ideally download in advance) off of Youtube. Please post your requests via
Twitter or the Facebook event - they don't have to be particularly dorky or
Xmas-y, but ideally they should be short (<4-5min), fairly well-known, and not
highly offensive. Cheers!

==== How to get to Limehouse Town Hall: ====

NB: Unfortunately Limehouse Town Hall is not wheelchair accessible as
    there are steps from the street and up to the main hall.

== By Tube: ==
Limehouse DLR from Bank or Tower Gateway

== By Bus: ==
15 from Trafalgar Sq / 115 from Aldgate /
D6 from Hackney / D3 from Bethnal Green

Beware! Google's location for E14 7HA is a bit off, it's actually
opposite where Salmon Lane joins Commercial Road, or in other words...
Get onto Commercial Road and travel East from Aldgate or Whitechapel.
Stay on Commercial Road, passing Limehouse DLR on your right (and going
under a railway bridge) and you'll see a modern red brick church also
on the right, then a boarded up library. Just over the canal you'll see
the Town Hall, with the Limehouse Hawksmoor church behind it, on the
opposite side of the road from the big metal anchor. At this point you
should get off the bus/bicycle and come ring on the "Boxing Club" bell
(The top of the 4 main buttons).

Limehouse Town Hall

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