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dorkcamp '06


Dorkcamp 11 is done and dusted. Here's a summary of what happened:

Stop motion, sound reactive fire, electric pickles, group live coding, midnight lake swim, procedural deodorant balls, infinite beer, ethernet arduino, original programming with needles, motorised sun etching, conductive dough, non-newtonianism, hydrophones, handmade mics, collaborative cooking, vibrati punk console, stargazing, moonshine, sunshine, waterfalls, ferrofluids on magnetic stirrer, seven ages of man hourglass, lasercut laptop stand, badge making, log splitting, hill hiking, STAR WARS, Ledaig, firepit sculpture, hilltop fish frying, coder's dinghy, toothbrushes, bubble wars, staged sleeping, logo hacking, historical TV, **add your memories here**

Put links to photos etc here:

Historical info

Dorkcamp, also known as burningdork, is an actual camp where around 50 dorkbot attendees and likeminded souls get together in a comparatively remote location and do strange things with electricity.

See this video from dorkcamp 2006 for an idea about what goes on. For a closer look see the wiki pages of previous dorkcamps: DorkCamp06, DorkCamp07, DorkCamp08 and DorkCamp09.

Previous years have largely been attended by those from dorkbotlondon, but this year is organised in partnership with dorkbotsheffield, and hopefully the dorkbot chapters in Alba, Anglia, Bristol, Cardiff and Newcastle will join in too... This is turning out to be much more of a 'dorkbotuk' event.

See below for a growing summary of what will happen this year. This is a wiki, so to add your ideas click 'edit' on the section you want to add to and type away. If you need help with formatting either copy what others have done or this might help.


Booked from midday Thursday 18th August until midday Monday 22nd August.


Watermillock village hall

If you're travelling nearby and could stop for a recce, please get in touch on the mailing list.


Now available for £30 including camping and food from here. The tickets are cheap because this is an entirely non-profit, unfunded, volunteer-run effort so everyone has to buy one including presenters etc.

Hurry, only a handful of tickets left!

Also the sooner you buy the ticket, the easier the organisation is...

Info Pages

Tasks, Roles and Responsibilities

DorkLake is a collaboratively organised event. We need as many people as possible to chip in and share the load. The TasksAndRoles page lists a few of the things that we need to have done. Don't wait, just jump in!

  • Tasks and Roles - Add yourself where you can (and add any new tasks/roles we missed)

Schedule sketch

More detail to be added...

  • Thursday - Start setting up. Optional excursion to a mountain.
  • Friday - Most people to arrive by end of friday. Finish camp building and camp warming. - If you are coming for dinner on Friday, please add your name to the FridaySupperList
  • Saturday - Talks and workshops, evening performances
  • Sunday - Talks and workshops, evening pre-tidy, barbeque
  • Monday - final tidy up + decamp


Please note if your workshop requires money for materials, if/when you'll need participant numbers in advance, and maximum number of participants you can cope with. We will set up some mechanism for campers to sign up at some point.

  • SketchPatch generative badgemaking (free for the coding session, bring a laptop to take part, then 20p for each badge you want to buy)
  • Make-a-mic workshop (free, max 20 people)
  • Visual live coding (bring a laptop to take part)
    • I'd love to join this one (davide)
    • What do we need on the laptop? (greenman)
    • Nothing, I'll bring boot CDs for pcs and recentish (intel) macs (alex)
  • "Origins of programming" knitting workshop with Aneeta Patel "definitely the most funny and clever thing you will hear about this month"
  • Vibrati Punk Console Iain S - build workshop. £20. Contact me in advance if interested
    • I want to make one of these - how do I get in touch? (Maff)
    • I'd be up for that too if it's not too late to ask. (Owen)
  • I'm willing to do a nanode-building workshop if there's any interest. Nanodes are build-it-yourself ethernet-capable arduinos. Kits cost about £20. Read about them before you buy. It looks as though I can bring a dozen on sale-or-return.
    • That'd be ace! (alex m)
    • I'm interested! (julie)
    • Yeah. (greenman)
    • I'm in. (davide)
  • add your workshop here


  • Jag - Free Software, Din and Dirty Gardening
  • add yourself here
  • P5Nitro - a Processing look-alike (by Davide)
  • Fooling around with audio fingerprinting (by Davide)


Other activities

  • Fire making -- ground fires are not allowed but I (alex m) have heard of a sculptor who hires hand made braziers
  • Excursion to explore surroundings on Thursday evening
  • I'm kind of drawn to the idea of sending a message inspired by the Arecibo transmission, but changing the message somehow and trying a different medium as radio waves haven't worked so far.. Smoke signals? Flashing LEDs? Explosions? Cake? (alex m)
  • Magical night-time swimming in the lake (julie)
    • .... waterproof blinkies ?
  • Glowing pickle lamp making
  • Mucking about with Ferrofluid (julie/adrian)
  • add your ideas here

The Campfire & Burn

We need to create an alternative to a campfire. Since groundfires are not allowed, we will need to build ourselves a substitute that can act as a focal point for chat. The lack of ability to burn our dork will also require a little bit of scheming.


If Stego is coming with a brazier then all we need to work out is fire-wood and a (relatively) mini-dork to fit

Build a fire in a wheelbarrow - (£24)

Stego isn't coming but his brazier is! Yaxu 21:04, 15 August 2011 (BST)

Blinking Lights

Bring along something that makes light that can be added to a non-burning mock campfire structure. Self powered is probably best, but I am sure we will have some people about who can help provide alternative power sources.

Hanging Dork

Burn our dork on a gallows over a firepit or sheet of metal

Glowing Dork

Do the electric pickle demo, but bigger.

We will need a load of pickles. Can someone bring the electrical bits we need. This would make a nice evening workshop.

I'm thinking we could make a stick-man out of bare mains wiring and thread the pickles along pairs of wires. Some spacers (small plastic strips with 2 holes drilled in each) could be used to reduce the chance of shorts.

Obviously, care will be needed around this exhibit. An improvement in safety could be obtained by using a builder's site transformer (which I can bring) to keep the voltages low. I've tested this briefly - it does seem to glow, and pickle power consumption seems to be somewhere less than 50W. So it should be possible to try for up to a 60-pickle dork.

I will bring transformer and wire, and spacers if I can find something suitable. Please add a couple of jars of big pickles to the shopping list. Adrian G

Spit-roast Dork

Barbecue the dork

(If you have alternative schemes - please add them)


If you want to join in the organisation and banter around the run up to the dorkcamp then please do subscribe to the mailing list and introduce yourself.

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