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Dorkcamp (aka burningdork) happened 21st-24th August 2009.

Previous camps: DorkCamp06 - DorkCamp07 - DorkCamp08

It was at the David Donald field studies base, an ex-radar station in Dorset. See it on google maps and multimap (o/s). It's a short walk to the coast. Here's some local history about the area, and some notes from a visit to the site and village.

Historical info:

So far the metcheck weather forecast is sunny! bbc
Tide tables show low tide early morning and mid afternoon, high tide at breakfast time and just after dark.

Expect electronics and craft workshops, presentations, and strange things with electricity (and fire). To get a flavour for what dorkcamp (aka burningdork) is check this video of dorkcamp06 by inna costantini:


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