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A dorkboat is where we hire a boat for 100 people for 2 hours of dorkbot presentations etc, to go from Westminster to Kew. This one is on Saturday 23rd June 2012. We then plan to go to the Watermans Gallery to look around the exhibitions, and enjoy a curry buffet in the Watermans restaurant with suitably dorky 'cabaret'.

There will be a prize of a portrait by Paul the robot (built by Patrick Tresset)for the best Alan Turing Centenary themed fancy dress costume to celebrate what would have been the great man's 100th birthday on 23rd June. We will also have a wonderful Enigma Machine birthday cake for Turing to celebrate the day.

This will cost £19.99 each including the curry.

We are very sorry but the dorkboat is now SOLD OUT!, you can only fit so many dorks on a boat... If you want to go on the dorkboat 2012 waitlist for cancellations add your name there.


Press ganged so far:


If you have an idea about something you'd like to present or do on the boat please say so below (click 'edit' above to edit this page), and/or email

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